Immersion Is Limited To Only 3 People Per Program... Apply To See If There Are Any Open Spots
"I'm Looking For A Few More Of My
Dream Students..."
"If That's You... I Will PERSONALLY Work With You
On Your Pickup & Dating Skills To Help You
Get The Girls You've Always Wanted!"
"I’ve never seen anyone else break down the principles and techniques of pickup in such a simple, logical, step-by-step process. What Gabriel teaches can literally be copied and pasted into anyone’s game so you can get high-caliber girls on a consistent basis."

– Darren M., Immersion Student
LAS VEGAS | Week 1June 09 - 15, 2019
LAS VEGAS | Week 2 - June 16 - 22, 2019
Why Gabriel Grey's "Surgical Immersion" Program Is
The Closest Thing To "Pickup Training On Steroids" That You'll Ever See!
"It's a whole different experience when an instructor would talk in your ear and tell you what to say... having an instructor guide you enables you to see your sticking points faster.... Would definitely recommend an immersion to anyone on this group – best decision I've made in my life... Really glad this cut my learning curve and saved me years." – C.B.
"In this environment, the rate at which I learnt game was massively accelerated... The results were also INSANE with many pulls and closes over the two weeks... SPU Daniel gave a lecture on pulling which covered the A-Z of of how to pull a set and straight after that, a student pulled 3 sets that night!... All three instructors have an amazing technical approach to game that works consistently and can be used by anyone to achieve the same result." – J.F.
"I had also been on a couple of competitor immersions before this one, however I was still getting very inconsistent results despite my game being 'good' by some accounts... but the material presented in lectures went one level deeper than anything else I'd seen, breaking down the structure of good game and making concepts connect and click on a deeper level of understanding... I saw other students do quick pulls, bathroom pulls, instant make-outs, and perhaps less sexy but more practical, get solid numbers for day 2's. I pulled back to the house with other students from both day game and nighttime, and almost closed a day2 in a restaurant bathroom, which was previously out of my reality... It's the closest thing to having the knowledge of the instructors downloaded into your brain." – A.W.
"In just the last 2 weeks I have learned literally everything I need to move forward with cold approach game, I now know exactly what to work on to take my skill set from intermediate to advanced level going into 2019... I learned exactly how to approach, hook, attract, handle objections then pull the girls that I wanted, and the way from open to close... My results in the last two weeks have excelled way past anything i have achieve before Immersion. Through Gabriel, SPU Tumelo, and SPU Daniel's guidance I was able to get 4 pulls back to the immersion house with hot girls. They showed me how to seed for the pull, make girls chase me instead of always being the one chasing and also make my day 2's solid so that girls don't flake on the date... I can honestly say that two weeks with the SPU team has cut my learning curve by at least 1 year... It will be 10X worth the money because it saves you years of trial and error figuring this stuff out on your own." – J.E.
"Firstly, there is no doubt that Gabriel is one of the best pick up coaches out there. From all the stories I've heard from his first wings, he was a hard-case and had to do anything he could to break out of it... his hard work for the past 7 years has clearly paid off since I've seen him close the hottest girls. Girls who you think would not go home with anyone... I would highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about taking an immersion with Surgical since they know their shit about technical game and are willing to help a student as much as they can to get better at game." – N.P.
"We were literally living game. 24/7 of talking about game, consuming knowledge about game and actually spending most of our time out in the field gaming." – M.C.
"Being surrounded by like-minded ambitious SPU pickup artist that I took massive action with. The constant improvement in my understanding of how to master the skillset of pickup... from my In-Venue Lay (coached through by Gabriel) to a couple of quick pulls, a few make outs in a night while sarging with SPU Tumelo, and my one on one session with SPU Daniel where I learned more in a few hours than I could have wished for. My skillset was improving while I was having f un and getting results... I will most of all miss accelerating my game improvement by probably one entire year in just 2 weeks." – C.S.
"The experience over delivers on the value you expect. Student pulls every night and a group of wings and instructors to help you blast through your sticking points... Gabriel would go out of his way to give late night lectures to address issues students had in the field. Winging with all the instructors and watching them pull of amazing pick ups then explain to us how to do the same was also one of the highlights of the week." – T.R.
"The instructors have an unwavering energy, have zero ego... They are always approachable... in-field, whether the instructors will demonstrate the skills and techniques they just lectured... Further, instructors will literally be whispering lines in your ear before you realize they were there... you'll see top-level game which will shave massive amounts of time off your learning curve." – G.B.
"When it came to learning from the instructors it was greatest to be able to watch mentors that were key in certain areas i.e. SPU Daniel on pulling and SPU Tumelo on connection and hooking. When it came to infield it was great to be able to just listening and I actually managed to film a couple of SPU Daniel and Gabriel's pulls one night." – D.S.
Immersion Is Limited To Only 3 People Per Program... Apply To See If There Are Any Open Spots
A Personal Note From Gabriel Grey
Hey man,

Are you looking to take your pickup skills to the next level?

What if I told you that the chances are high that you will never get good?

Here’s the harsh truth:

97% of the guys who get into pickup to get this area of their life handled will NEVER EVER get their 10’s or their “dream girl.”

In fact, if you look around other pickup artists, you will find that most guys end up with 6's as their girlfriends even after years of being in the game.

It honestly hurts me SO MUCH to say it, but it’s true.

But what if I told you it was due to CHOICE and not circumstance?

The truth is, EVERY GUY has the ability to define what his “PERFECT 10” is and actually get her, but most guys just won't do the right things to make this happen.

They don’t learn the SKILL SET of how to see, attract, and get the women they want in their lives…

And if they DO decide to learn the SKILL SET, they don’t do it the right way and end up struggling for YEARS until they finally GIVE UP.

If only they knew the *RIGHT* way to learn this, they really would have reached what I call their “PICKUP POTENTIAL.”

What that means is that they actually fulfill everything they are capable of in terms of getting the type of women they TRULY want on a CONSISTENT basis.

Now what’s the main thing holding someone back from attaining their TRUE PICKUP POTENTIAL?

Quite frankly, they hang out with the WRONG PEOPLE.

My favorite quote is that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The majority of these guys spend time with people who plain and simple don’t have the results with women that they actually want…

Even worse, the people they spend time with aren’t even TRYING to improve their abilities with women.

How can you EVER expect to get good if you’re hanging out with people who are incompetent when it comes to getting the girls that that every guy wants?

• Most guys hang out with their friends that they met growing up or at university….
• Their family or family friends who don’t REALLY want you to change (even if they say they want to see you succeed)…
• Their newbie PUA wings from their local community who aren’t getting the results that they want…

That’s why I designed the “PICKUP COACHING ON STEROIDS” program…


After running Immersion programs for 5 YEARS I have designed what I think is the PERFECT program to get you the skills, knowledge, and RESULTS necessary to help you get the girls you’ve always wanted.

My goal was to have a pickup program where ONE WEEK of training would equal ONE YEAR of learning anywhere else.

A kind of “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” of game… a “Game Accelerator,” if you will.

This is a one-week program where you will LEARN, THINK, TALK, PRACTICE, and DO pickup non-stop to really drive the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors YOU NEED to be good at game and get the girls you actually want.

Every conversation, every infield session, every debrief will be exactly the way guys with advanced game went about learning and mastering game.

You will live, game, and learn from some of the best PUAS including me.

There will be constant lessons, feedback sessions and of course day and night game sessions where you will be personally helped in field.

This program is guaranteed to CUT YOUR LEARNING CURVE because as you already know, time is more valuable than anything else.

Less time learning means more time getting the girls you actually want.

I’ve seen guys who leave the program completely transformed with their new mindsets, strategies, and techniques and ultimately having the ability to meet, attract, and GET hotter women more consistently.

IMMERSION is a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE and you are GUARANTEED to not be the same guy coming out of it.

It’s time you got this shit handled once and for all.

Investing your time in ONE WEEK of Immersion to change your life FOREVER.

The Immersion program includes 5 core components…

1. Theory Sessions
2. Night Game Sessions
3. Day Game Sessions
4. Infield Coaching Sessions
5. Infield Video Breakdowns
1. Theory Sessions
With a structured curriculum created and taught by Gabriel, you'll learn the exact mindsets and skills necessary to get you massive results with women.

Every single part of game imaginable will be broken down into concepts, techniques and a structure which you can easily implement.

Continuous One-on-One interaction and small class size ensures that you get ALL your questions answered.
There will be sessions consisting of: practical and theoretical.

There will be various exercises and drills that are designed to practice, master, and internalize the techniques.

In addition, the instructor will identify, break down, and analyze your sticking point so you can improve your skillset as fast as possible.

Before going in the field, you will brief what your sticking point and the exact thing you are doing to practice getting over it. After returning from a session out, you will debrief, break down, and field report with the instructors what you did well, what you didn't do well, and how you can do better next time.
2. Night Game
Same night lays, organizing a date or a fast pull… all of these require different techniques and different systems which will all be broken down into actionable steps for you to follow. You'll learn the fundamentals of night game including overcoming approach anxiety, opening, hooking, developing attraction, creating emotional and sexual connection, conveying your identity, getting solid numbers, and pulling on purpose.
Each infield training session is led by Gabriel and his instructors, who will be actively gaming and winging alongside you. Gabriel and his team will actively be demo'ing and winging with you.
3. Day Game
That girl sitting in a coffee shop or walking with her mom...Learn the skills to get her.Day game comes down to a lot more conversational skills and ability to calibrate to the situation. You'll learn the fundamentals and subtleties of Day game from opening, instadating, creating investment, getting solid numbers, and pulling.

Each infield training session is led by Gabriel and his instructors, who will be actively gaming and winging alongside you.Gabriel and his team will actively be demoing and winging with you.

In the words of Gabriel “ If a coach does not demo, you shouldn’t be learning from him”
4. Infield Coaching Sessions
Information is not enough. Application is key.

One of the most important things that you do in Immersion is taking what you learned in the classroom and applying it in the field and practicing, refining, and perfecting your skillset of meeting, attracting, and getting the women that you've always wanted.

You will go out with the Surgical Immersion coaches to game, wing with, and learn from them live, in the field.

You will also have direct access to the Executive Instructors and the other Immersion students via text message in case you need help any time during Immersion. Whether you need advice, a quick tip, or confused about how to move an interaction forward, you can quickly whip out your phone and expect an answer within a matter of seconds from your group of supportive teachers and wingman.

You will also have an opportunity to spend a few hours in the field with one of the Executive Instructors and have their undivided attention so they can watch you in the field and literally take you by the hand and walk you through the correct way to to do pickup (there is no faster way to learn than this).
5. Infield Video Breakdown
If you are serious about taking your game to the next level. The Immersion team offer an infield footage breakdown of your game. This entails being filmed by a trained cameraman.
The footage will be edited and broken down in person by me for you to see your mistakes, sticking points and your main strengths. Don’t waste years on making the same small mistakes, eradicate them from your game. This usually costs $400 but because you will be on this Immersion process, it will cost $297.

Most PUA’s waste YEARS making the same small mistakes that keep them from getting the results that they want. Luckily, the Immersion team offer an infield footage breakdown of your game.
How It Works:
You will be filmed by our infield camera team
Your footage will be edited and broken down in person by Gabriel who will point out your strengths, mistakes, and sticking points
Gabriel will then give you a game plan on how to improve your skills moving forward.
This normally costs $400 but within the Immersion program, it will cost only $299.
"Game is just a skillset – nothing more, nothing less. It's no different from learning a new video game, instrument, or sport.
- Gabriel Grey
• Lectures are subject to change.This will depend on the students and what they specifically need in their game.
• Training on weekdays begins at 5:00 PM.
• Training on weekends begins at 2:00 PM.

• 5:30 PM - Meet at Immersion house (address will be sent out privately to attendees)
• 6:00 PM - Immersion Begins
• Orientation
• Winging Ethics, Strategies & Tactics
• Night Game Session
• Night Game Debrief

• Opening 
• Hooking
• Day Game Session
• Day Game Debrief
• Breaking Rapport
• Night Game Session
• Night Game Debrief

• Investment 
• Day Game Session
• Day Game Debrief
• Showing Intent
• Night Game Session
• Night Game Debrief

• Demonstrating Higher Value
• Day Game Session
• Day Game Debrief
• Material Drafting
• Escalation
• Sexual Intent
• Debrief

• Conversational Skills 
• Day Game Session
• Day Game Debrief
• Qualification 
• Night Game Session
• Night Game Debrief

• Frame Control
• Text Game
• Night Game Session
• Night GameDebrief

• Inner Game
• Day Game Session
• Day Game Debrief
• Immersion Debrief
• Game Plan Going Forward
• Immersion Ends

Additional Lectures that may be taught depending on students progress and sticking points:

• Sexual Tension
• AMOG'ing 
• Voice Tonality & Projection 
• Fashion
• Pulling
• Rooting 
• Social Media Game
• Connection 
• And More...

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Gabriel coaches all sessions.
Ready To Take Your Game To The Next Level?
As mentioned, one week of Surgical Immersion is one year of learning pickup anywhere else. If you value your limited time, unforgettable experiences, and exponential growth, Immersion is the perfect program for you.

Surgical Immersion is designed to be a LIFE-CHANGING experience, only for people who are serious about sharpening their pickup skills and improving their results with women.
If you are one of these people, click the button below NOW to apply.
Surgical immersion
With Gabriel Grey
  • 7 Full Days Of Immersion Training
  • 10 In-Depth Theory Sessions
  • 5 Full Day Game Sessions
  • 5 Full Night Game Sessions
  • Immersive Infield Coaching Sessions
  • Infield Video Breakdown Analyses
Only $2497!
LAS VEGAS | Week 1 - June 09 - 15, 2019
LAS VEGASWeek 2 - June 16 - 22
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is "Surgical Immersion"?
Surgical Immersion is a 7-day immersive training program designed to teach you the skills you need to meet, attract, and get the women you've always wanted.
How Does Surgical Immersion compare to other similar program?
Surgical Immersion is taught by Gabriel Grey and focuses on his signature "technique-based game" which is widely known as the most simple, practical, step-by-step pickup method to date. It has been proven by Gabriel and his students to be the most effective method to getting high quality girls on a consistent basis.
Will I have to take time off work/school for Surgical Immersion?
While we do recommend you take time off of work for your week of Immersion, the program is designed to work for people who have day jobs. Immersion training on weekdays starts at 5:00 PM so that you can attend after work/school. Training on weekends begins a bit earlier at 2:00 PM to maximize the value you get out of the program.
Is Gabriel Grey going to be there for every theory, day game, and night game session?
Absolutely! Gabriel will personally be teaching all 10 of your theory sessions along with all 10 of your infield day/night game sessions.
How many students will be in my Immersion program with me?
Surgical Immersion is designed to be an especially small and intimate program so you can as much focus and attention from Gabriel as possible. At most, you will be learning with just two other students at any given time (three students total).
Is Surgical Immersion good for a newbies?
100% yes. Surgical Immersion is the perfect way to kick off your pickup career and to point you in the right direction of the fastest and most effective way to learn game and getting the girls that you want as soon as possible. Most people who get into pickup start off on the wrong foot with the wrong theory, the wrong mindset, and the wrong method instilling bad habits and misconceptions that can hold them back for years.
Is Surgical Immersion good for intermediates and advanced guys?
Whether you're an intermediate or advanced, Surgical Immersion will tailor its content to take you to the next level as Gabriel's theory and focus on technique will get you higher quality results on a more consistent basis.
What's the total price of the program?
Only $2497!
Questions? Contact us at
About Gabriel Grey

Gabriel Grey is the Founder & Executive Instructor at Surgical Pickup.

Gabriel has been practicing and teaching technique-based cold approach pickup for almost a decade. Gabriel has traveled the world and taught thousands of men his unique concepts, strategies, and techniques for attracting, dating, and sleeping with women that have transformed the dating lives of his students. He has become well-known for his technical and analytical approach to the pickup, seeing it as nothing more than a skillset that can be studied, learned, and mastered by anyone. Having internalized the outer game techniques and principles to a CORE level, Gabriel’s style looks deceivingly “natural” despite being heavily technical and completely replicable by his students.
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